The Grammar of English Literature

In this essay, the author explores the intricate interplay between syntax and semantics in the grammar of English literature. Focusing on two passages, the essay delves into the challenges of achieving cohesion and coherence in descriptive and narrative writing. Through detailed analysis and comparison of original and edited excerpts, the author demonstrates the impact of syntactic transformations on information structure, emphasizing the dynamic relationship between form and meaning in literary expression. From topicalization to inversion, the essay provides a preview of the diverse syntactic tools available to writers, showcasing the creative and transformative nature of literary grammar.

Want to write like a pro? Here are five rules to follow.

In this article, the author delves into the intricacies of crafting compelling prose. Unveiling the secrets of purposeful writing, meticulous planning, reader engagement, judicious decision-making, and the omnipotence of knowledge, this guide is a beacon for aspiring wordsmiths.